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After the strain of carrying a baby for nine months, and the rigours of giving birth, it is not surprising that some moms will be left with weakened pelvic floor muscles and poor control over their bladder.


Kegels strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor to improve urethral and rectal sphincter function. The success of Kegel exercises depends on proper technique and sticking to a regular exercise program.

aquaflex vaginal weightsAquaflex Vaginal Weights Program


Weights are a simple but effective exercise aid for treating female urinary stress incontinence and improving pelvic floor function. Aquaflex adapts superbly to a wide range of physical conditions and levels of muscle tone which is one of the most versatile cone system available.


For optimum results, a cone system with two sizes and a small increment of 5 g between weights is ideal. Doctors prescribe Aquaflex with confidence for most of their stress incontinence patients.


Reasons to prescribe are:

- Easier and faster to teach pelvic floor muscle control.

- The patient does the therapy at home, reducing the number of clinic visits.

Theory of Operation
The Aquaflex method functions by causing the contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle in response to the presence of the weighted cone.


This improves muscle recruitment and increases strength; both are essential for developing and maintaining continence control.


The weighted cones are especially beneficial for strengthening the "slow-twitch" postural muscle fibres that are so important for continence, general well-being, sexual response and sexual intensity. In addition, when the vaginal cone does eventually slip out after a few minutes, this induces a powerful reflex action in the pubococcygeus muscle which activates and stimulates the muscle fibres.


Who can Aquaflex help?

Women who suffer with the symptoms of stress incontinence.


Women who want to tone their pelvic floor as a general health measure and who want to reduce the likelihood of stress incontinence or poor bladder control in later life.


Women who wish to prepare their pelvic floor for pregnancy.
( should not be used during pregnancy)


Women who want to get their pelvic floor back into shape after childbirth.


Aquaflex can be used at any time during the day to fit in with your schedule. It’s worth bearing in mind thought that as the day wears on, your muscles will become tired. So, if you exercise in the evening, you may not be able to hold as many vaginal weights or to exercise for as long as usual.


* of 30 women who completed one month of the exercises 70% found that they were improved or cured and 90% found it an acceptable method of treatment.


Study entitled ‘Vaginal cones:, a conservative method of treating genuine stress incontinence’, A. B. Peattie, S. Plevnic, Sl.L Stanton, British Journal of Obsterics and Aquaflex® is a clinically proven product comprising of weighted cones - one of the most widely used Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Systems.


Aquaflex® has been specially designed to help women who accidentally leak urine when they laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise. This condition is medically known as stress incontinence.

There are twelve different weight levels, from zero to 55 g. This gives you exceptional conescontrol over the patient’s exercise challenge level. This feature is important so that you can establish an effective and patient-specific exercise program. The patient uses the optimum weight for her level of muscle tone and can advance to heavier weights in small steps. This increases motivation by showing the progress achieved. It encourages steady and consistent progress.

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